Punting, a traditional Cambridge pastime, was one of many evening activities at CSP.  While walking to the river, many people were worried about falling off of their punt, and the mentors were trying to reassure everyone that they would be okay. Excitement and tensions were high as we waited for the punts to be set up. We looked around at the new and beautiful scenery; the people with yellow teeth and wrinkled skin smoking, the cyclists pushing through the crowd, and the grey, braided wig left on the stone wall with flies circling around it.

We were all relieved to get in our punts, and just like that, we were off! The scenery drastically changed from nauseating to magnificent as we crept up the river. We saw the back of the colleges, dorms, chapels, and libraries; and to add to the ambiance, there was lush grass and leafy trees by the rivers edge. The ducks and geese swam along side our punts, waiting to be fed. Students began to try steering the punts, and some were better than the mentors! After a hour and a half of fooling around and enjoying the picturesque landscapes, we all made it back to the dock safe, sound, and most importantly dry.


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