The London Eye

“Pretty cool,” Rekha answered after being asked about the London Eye experience. “We had gone to so many places in London, it seemed so huge; but once we were at the top, I felt like I had seen everything,” she commented. Rekha’s feelings about the London Eye are shared by many other students at CSP. People loved the view, especially of Big Ben. Everyone was taking pictures- especially selfies- so they could remember the moment forever. Some were scared of heights, others were claustrophobic; yet, despite their fears, they were looking over the edge and enjoying the view with the others. The Eye has powers, it puts a spell on people and helps them overcome their fears, even if it’s only for a short period of time. The view makes people forget all of their worries and stresses, and just let go and enjoy the world around them. It puts things in perspective for them, and teaches them that the world is for us to explore, and the Eye gives them a pretty good start.


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