College Admissions

Something is wrong with the college application process. You have to write down all of your accomplishments and grades and extracurriculars; and if you’re like me, they add up. But somehow, you second guess yourself. You think that your resume isn’t good enough, even though you have top grades, three years of the same community service, four year dedication to the same two sports, and variety yet coherence in extracurriculars (from drama to debate, from Model UN to creative writing, from a World News column to choir). You’re just exploring your fascination in a particular area. Maybe you want to be a writer, or work in international relations, and that’s what your classes and extracurriculars are pointed towards; your future goals. But will colleges look towards your future the same way you do?

Sure you’re not a cookie cutter model, but why would you want to be? Just because someone else is president of ten clubs doesn’t mean your resume isn’t as good. You shouldn’t be punished or reprimanded for having fun with your extracurriculars; that’s what they’re for! The extracurriculars you do show more passion than the kid who’s president of every club. You should be proud of what you’ve done if you’ve enjoyed it. But somehow you take a look at all of your success, and it feels like nothing, like it was all in vain, like you should have done more. You feel insecure, like you’re looking in the mirror and pinpointing all of your flaws in front of this admissions board. “The application isn’t everything,” people say, but it feels like it is. Its a problem when you’re willing to lose all of your connections with friends and start spending all of your time studying and volunteering, just to get into the school of your dreams. Yes you want it, you want it more than anything in the entire world, but it shouldn’t be this way. You stand out, you know you do in this moment. But when it comes time to have your future decided by the admissions office, you feel like you are just a speck of dust on a dust bunny.


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