Memory vs Experience

Which is better, the memory or the experience? Memories are just reminiscence of the experiences; but they can evoke wonderful emotions, such as happiness, nostalgia or excitement. With memories, one can relive their past, and sense change within themselves. They can see old times; funny, happy, exciting or sad, depressing, and anger-filled. The emotions they felt in the past are not recreated by the memories, but are morphed into different forms. Both sadness and happiness turn into nostalgia; anger turns to frustration, humiliation, or even forgiveness; excitement turns to euphoria. Experience turns to memory.

But memories can distract from the moment one is living in. Experiences create the memories; they are worth undergoing, whether they cause hurt or pleasure. They are the proof that one has a life worth living, that they have a livelihood that must be maintained. The meaning of life is to live in the moment, to see new things and make a good day. To experience is to satisfy the need for life. And one day when one is old and grey, they can look back on old memories, and see that they had a pretty good life, that they got to enjoy life.

Which is better, the memory or the experience? Both have good and bad qualities, but both are important to human nature.


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